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What is the secret to becoming a millionaire?

I could give you a list of answers to this question and so could you. But do you want to know the real answer? They believe in the power of dreams! They believe in the law of attraction!

Let me explain.

I guess many who read this understand the psychology of conditioning that we experience in childhood. We become convinced that "this is how it is in life", that we can expect nothing more than what our conditioning has told us to believe.

What of the millionaires who break out of this conditioning? What about those who say "No!" "There's more to life than this!" But how do they start? The millionaires BELIEVE! They believe with a passion! The millionaires do not know how they will change things. They simply believe that they will. This is their secret.

Imagine for a moment, driving from coast to coast in the night. You can see the road by the light of the car headlights for maybe 300 feet ahead, right? You don't know what is ahead, you look only at what is revealed to you, step by step, until you reach your destination. You have a belief that you will get there. You don't know the road. you don't know what is ahead, but you trust that all will be ok.

What if all life was like this? What if we could focus on our destination without making plans about what we don't even know lies ahead? What if we could leave it up to the Universe to take care of the "how"? All we have to do is focus on the destination and getting there. The "how" comes naturally, like driving the car.

Where to begin?

Start by having a dream - then believe in that dream - invest all your emotion in that dream and believe it to already be true! The Universe has a way of making what you think today, come to you as your future unfolds. It's called the Law of Attraction. We will be, what we think today. If you think nothing good will come your way, if you think that this won't work - guess what? You will be right!!

"If you think you can't or you think you can... either way you are right" (Henry Ford).

This, then, is the "secret" law of attraction that has been kept from you. I want to use the power of the internet to get a million people to make a dream and to follow it through. This is a great time to be born in because, with the internet, the secret of timeless wisdom is at your fingertips.

My name is Graham Nicholls and I have made a study of the law of attraction, although I did not know it by that name until recently. Many years ago, I stumbled across a secret that was so simple, I thought it could not possibly be true. However, my life changed from that point on, from being on the poverty line, not knowing where my next meal was going to come from, but, with a certain knowledge that "something" would turn up to take care of things, and inevitably, that something did.

I was happy with my progress and then I hit a comfort zone and relaxed doing all the things I used to do... I stayed in my comfort zone, admittedly, but recently, I have been inspired to do more. The reason? It's simply this - the more wealth I acquire, the more things I can use, and the more things I can use, the more people I can reach to help them discover the secret for themselves. Why don't I keep it to myself? It's the law of attraction - the more I give the more I receive, to give! And before you ask, yes, there is more than enough wealth in the world to go around.

Recently, Make A Dream Publishing Ltd CEO, Graham Nicholls, created a new project at www.apositivejourney.com to publish inspirational stories of those who have overcome difficulties in life to achieve personal and public success, such as a Paralympian who is now a motivational speaker, going into schools as part of the "inspire a generation" legacy of the 2012 Paralympics. If you would like to gain confidence, or be inspired, then check out the positive affirmation pages and personal stories on this site: www.apositivejourney.com

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Yes! I want to learn more about the secrets of millionaires!

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