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Millionaire Boot Camp 2009

A lesson from the Millionaire Boot Camp 2009

Shift this - touch this - feel this!

This is what I was asked to do. "Shift this" - he said, with hands pointing to both sides of his head. "Touch this", he said, putting his hand upon his heart. "Feel this", he said, using his right thumb and first two fingers in the universal money feeling motion.

He was talking about the psychology of wealth. If we surround ourselves with voices that tell us mediocrity is ok - it's good to strive for that and pat ourselves on the back, when we accept our limitations, then that is as far as we will progress. We put a ceiling on our ambition and a ceiling on our potential for wealth. Pat put it simply. One man's ceiling is another man's floor. In the skyscraper of wealth, we can live in the basement or the penthouse. Where do YOU want to live? Then why aren't you living there? I am assuming, like me, you want to live in the penthouse, right?

We are all conditioned in life, to accept "what is" - this is all we know. We are conditioned to accept a dominant focus in our lives. If you were asked what you want in life, how many of you would say you want to get out of debt, forever? So, you want to get out of debt, right? So, what are you focused on? Debt, right? This is your dominant focus. What is your dream? Think about that for a moment. What was your dominant focus? Was it never to work again? Was your dominant thought about work?

"Shift this, touch this, feel this".

"Shift this" - change your dominant focus! Change the way you look at yourself - change the way you think. Don't focus on what life has been in the past for you, or you will repeat the past. Don't have focus lists on why things are the way they are.

Make a list of your dreams!! Then - here comes the hard part - believe in your dream!! "Touch this!" Engage with all your heart!! Get excited about your dreams!! Invest positive emotions in your dreams. Guess what comes next? "Feel this!!" The wealth you dream about!! Every day, focus on your dreams. List them, post them on a wall, the fridge - remind yourself every day, what they are. Live your dream - "Shift this! Touch this! And Feel this!"

This is how millionaires think. They believe in their dreams. They invest in their futures. And do they "feel this?" You bet they do!!

"If you follow your bliss, the universe will open doors where there were only walls" (Joseph Campbell 1904-1987)

"The highest staircase can be climbed, one stair at a time"

Yes! I want to learn more about the secrets of millionaires!

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