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Hub Pages

What is a hub page? It's very much like a Blog, but, you get more passive traffic to your posts than through a blog. The reason mostly is that you select niche hubs to post your article to.

I've found this site to be really easy to use:

You can also link to your Amazon, eBay, Google Adsense and other programmes. Again, another great way to build traffic and to get residual income. The site itself is easy to use and always many opportunities to give comments, answer questions and generally get yourself known as the "expert" in your particular niche or niches!

I strongly recommend you use hub pages.

One word of caution, they don't like you excessively promoting a single site from your hub page. It's ok to post a link to your home page, but not directly to sales pages. Do it too often, and your account could get suspended.

That said, it really is cool to receive the "fan mail" :)

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