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Platinum, Master and Resell Licences

Resell Licences & Affiliate Licences; you get to sell someone else's stuff for a commission of between 50 and 75&. The big advantage here is that you don't have to build a web site, store and ship goods. It's a great way to start an online business.

A Resell (Silver) licence means you can sell the product and get 100% but you need to get your own web site set up. You get the sales template that you need to edit to point to your payment processor (such as Paypal). You can also recruit affiliates through places like Clickbank. The resell licence usually sells at about 2 to 5 times the product price.

Master licences are also called Gold licences. You do exactly the same marketing, as you would to get buyers to your sales page but you also offer an affiliate scheme to the buyer or a resell licence to them. You can sell as many resell licences as you like. A Master (Gold) licence can cost 10 times the price of the product.

Platinum Licences are also called Private Label Rights - means you can sell master licences, resell licences, and also, the product itself and keep 100% of the profit from your direct sales. If you have a platinum licence, you get to recruit at the point of sale - you can offer the product alone, an affiliate programme, or a master/gold licence so that the buyer can recruit affiliates for themselves or sell the product as above. You can sell as many gold and silver (resell) licences that you want. The price of platinum licences is usually about 10 times the price of a master/gold licence.

An example:-

· Product = £17
· Silver/resell licence = £77 recruit affiliates; keep 100% of the profit.
· Gold/master licence = £170 recruit affiliates to sell for you; keep 100% of your own sales; sell as many Silver licences as you like and keep all the profit.
· Platinum/Private Label Rights = £1700 and sell as many gold or silver licences as you like; keep 100% of your own sales.

The other added advantage to the Private Label Right (Platinum) licence is that in most cases you can:-
· rename the product, claim authorship
· rewrite or amend the content
· use the content to create a unique product of your own

"Whether you think you can or you think you can't... either way you are right"
(Heny Ford)

"The highest staircase can be climbed, one stair at a time"

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