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Make A Dream Publishing Ltd is a Private Limited Company registered in the UK on 8th June 2010.

Registered company number: 07276899

CEO Make A Dream Publishing Ltd:
Graham Nicholls

Contact Details:

Make A Dream Publishing Ltd
35 Neath Road

+44 7595 219020

LinkedIn: Graham Nicholls (1400+ contacts)

Make A Dream Publishing Ltd

Graham Nicholls began buying licences to digital products and learned how to rebrand and market them for online marketing.

In 2009 he attended a "Boot Camp" for entrepreneurs at the O2 arena in London. There he met many influential millionaires who had raised themselves to become self made millionaires, after a liftetime of either disadvantage or mediocrity. They all had something in common, a spark, if you will, and Graham learned a lot from each of them.

One of his mentors is self made millionaire Andrew Reynolds, who persuaded him to register his own company. Graham is a great believer in being able to "follow your dream". He took the "dream" element and created Make A Dream Publishing Ltd.

Since then, Graham has bought rights to many physical hard copy products. Some he has turned into digital bonuses or products, and some had the requirement that they were never to be sold or made available in digital form.

Listed below are just a sample of his many products, sites and projects that you can check out and look at.

Graham Nicholls is an expert author on the subject of The Law Of Attraction and also a published poet having received an "International Poet of Merit" award. He is a known motivational speaker.

Make A Dream Products:

Secrets to Better Golf

How to Retire Early & Rich

Exercise for Back Pain

Make A Dream SITES & Projects

Tinnitus Remedies
A Positive Journey
Diamond OM


Of course, in marketing and creating web sites, Graham quickly realised the importance of generating organic traffic via search engines. He has spent the last few years perfecting all he had learned, either from experience, or from listening to others who are self-made experts and millionaires in their own right, to gain the best possible "education" in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Graham is consulted by many companies and organisations for advice about SEO for their online marketing. Graham is a great believer in the law of attraction and to "pay it forward" to help more and more people, often free of charge.

This philosophy has not yet brought him to the level of his mentors, in terms of income, but, it has opened doors that he did not even know were there, to further increase his marketing and entrepreneurial skills.

Many products you will see advertised now, are being created by Graham, either through rebranding of private licences or his own creation, having commissioned the work to be done.

Graham has also delivered projects in helping people develop positive mental health across Europe and spoken at several conferences, particular around the field of Social Economy.

He is a sought after leader for development of new projects and products.


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