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Everyone has a different idea of what they think will work for them. Most of the "tools" used are generic - they are there no matter what sort of internet business you are trying to build. What I will do here is, instead, give you a 7 step formula. It's not my formula, but it is one that I follow. Some may have heard of an Australian guy called Brett McFall. He was at the millionaire boot camp in London, 2009. He has several programmes and I'll tell you about them in the newsletters. You can read them when you subscribe using the link on the left of the page.

Step 1 - Find the hot market first, then the rest is easy. Most folk will look for a product they think they can sell. Then they try to find the market. What if you did things different? What if you found a hungry market, discovered what they want to buy, then offer it to them - do you think you would be able to sell? Where can you find hot hungry markets? I'll tell you everything in the newsletters!

Step 2 - Create a product that gives your market what they want. Information is king on the internet. More people search for information on the internet than for any other product. You don't have to be an expert to create an information product. You can easily get others to do this for you. Again, I'll give you a list of places you can go to, to do this in the newsletter. What products? Usually these are e-books or downloadable audio interviews or software products. Where do you get interviews? What do you ask them? I have a source for this together with an interview template. When you subscribe, you will get this information.

Step 3 - Create a powerful compelling sales message. Guess what - I've got a link for software that does this for you in 30 minutes flat! Take a look at the "must have" link to go take a look. An expert copywriter has done most of the hard work for you. You input some key words about your product, and your sales letter is done for you.

Step 4 - Design a simple web site that converts prospects into buyers. One word of advice is to forget the technology for a while and use black text on white background. You can use free website builders online - I have links to two of them on the left. They come with great support and tutorials.

Step 5 - Bring traffic to your site using the best search engines. Basically, there are two methonds for this, pay-per-click and organic. Adwords by Google is simple to use for pay-per-click and of course, getting good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the way to go for long term success. There are a lot of info pages out there, for SEO. I'll cover that topic in the newsletters. If anyone wants to contribute articles on this to the newsletter, then drop me an email. Press releases and video links to You Tube are another good idea. Blogs, Hubs, etc, are covered elsewhere on this site.

Step 6 - Use email to turn even more people into customers. Enough said :) It is important to manage your email and to set up a good autoresponder system. Set up messages that go out on auto-pilot while you are at the beach!

Step 7 - Have an army of people sell your product for you. Launch an affiliate programme at Clickbank, for example. World Internet Office is also useful to manage all your affiliate programmes (see links).

BONUS - How to triple your sales!!

If you've read the licences page then you already know this! There is a well known fact on the internet that 2 to 3 times as many people will buy if you turn it into a business opportunity!

Let's say you have a fly-fishing ebook for sale at $27. Offer them a resell licence for $57 Now you are earning a lot more than the $27 you may or may not have got.

Offer them a master licence for $87 with which they can sell resell licences for $57. do you think they would be tempted? Sure they would. They can see the business opportunity and they get the ebook also.

You'll need to have your own products, or buy private label rights to products to make this work. Know where to get them? Go take a look at the link on the left.

"You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it come true. You may have to work for it, however" (Richard Bach)

"The highest staircase can be climbed, one stair at a time"

Yes! I want to learn more about the secrets of millionaires!

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